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It is an establishment fact that for reaching the depths of any knowledge, for exploring the facts and realities of nature, and to get to the core of any subject we have to have a penetrating mind. Without having penetrating of thoughts we cannot make over access to core of any subject. Quest, pursuit, research and profound study are the basis of any branch of knowledge.
Without genuine propensity for deep contemplation one cannot discover the laws operative in the nature. Contemplation leads us to the discovery of new points in anything and when all these new points are considered and deliberated upon numerous branches of knowledge start taking shape. All these branches and also various sciences prove the existence and signification of knowledge.
All these sciences and branches of knowledge including philosophy, logic, psychology and their sub branches have one thing in common, the contributions of thinkers and researchers. More is the contribution of new ideas more advanced is that branch of knowledge. More people working together comprehensively deliberating on details of certain ideas eventually the foundation of a separate branch of knowledge. And, this branch of knowledge has its own particular approach, technique, methodology and way of dealing with the things.

Sciences of the modern era are no exception to this. A scientist after contemplation

The Art Of Meditation

I have to inquire you about MURAQBAH. This is the opening sentence of letter from Miss Saira Roohi of Quetta; a student of Telepathy. She further says, "It is almost 1-1/2 month that I am practicing Muraqbah but so far I have no luck in witnessing any particular thing. Different thoughts keep on comping to my mind. For instance, where I am sitting? From where this white light is coming? At which angle it is falling on me, whether it is milky white or transparent? In short the whole time of MURAQBAH is spent in thinking about things like that and I cannot see anything. Tell me, and how should I perform MURAQBAH so that I could enjoy the real benefit of MURAQBAH." She also writes, These eyes are sometimes full of anger and appear to be very scary, sometime they are dark and at times they are blue."
" One day, during MURAQBAH. I saw a mosque of Karachi enveloped in bright white light. At another time I saw it sinking in green lights. For these very reasons I did not send you any report. I hope you would advise the through your coloumn.
Before commenting on this typical letter of the students of Telepathy, it will not be out of place to see what the MURAQBAH is? MURAQBAH is the name of a technique to meditate, or to say, MURAQBAH is the art of meditation in a special manner. In its initial stage it provides tranquility and inner calm by soothing mind and in its advanced stages it helps in exploration of ones inner self and discovering the hidden potentialities for the purpose of transcending to the stage of cognition of the Lord of the worlds. MURAQBAH is not the name simply imagining one or the other thing. It is a method to recognize the soul active in man and to have a direct relationship with one's soul. MURAQBAH enables us to make use of those potentialities of the soul which are essential for peaceful living. MURAQBAH is such an activity which enables us to enter the unseen realm emancipation from time and space restraints is necessary, Liberty from worldly attachment and focusing of mental faculties on one single point concentratively help us in rising above the spatio-temporal limitations. In order to enjoy the amazing benefits MURAQBAH. After sitting in a relaxing posture and closing your eyes, let the given imagination come to your mind. During imagining the Ocean of light or falling of blue lights on you or any other exercise please do not try to see it. Attempt to see or visualize anything renders the exercise futile. Just let a chain of thoughts be formed, initiated from the basic idea, suggested and practiced. When the engrossment in this imagination and its following chain of thoughts would transform into a state of lost  fullness and the realization of passing of time ceases to be there, only then the required state of MURAQBAH is achieved.
It has been observed that those who manage to stop bothering about the thoughts coming to then to pass away without giving them much attention have success in MURAQBAH very soon. Success in MURAQBAH means that one has succeeded in suspending the diurnal senses and has to enter the realm of nocturnal sense we are encountered with those senses which we normally experience during dreaming although our eyes remain close, we see a variety of scenes, we become oblivious of the temporal time, i.e., when we make up we have no idea that how much time has passed. Some time we feel that we have slept but in actual fact it is only an hour ago that we had gone to sleep and sometimes when we ge up it is found that we have spent much more time than we intended to. Becoming oblivious of the passing time and one's surrounding as is experienced during sleep, is the basic requirement of the MURAQBAH. This is important . In MURAQBAH we have to be so engrossed in he given imagination state of lostfulness becoming forgetful of every thing existing in our surrounding. Now the best force of our action is to sit in a relaxing position. closeour eyes and start thinking about the given idea. In the present case it is to think about an Ocean of Light, in which everything, including the exerciser, is submerged. Just take it as the starting point for your thinking. Allow your mind to follow the ideas resulting from this initial idea. But do not stick to anyone of  them consciously. Do not resist them, i.e., do not try them to stop them from coming. It is very much like the free association of thoughts. Allow your mind to traverse from one thought to another so much so that you find yourself in a state when no thought is coming into your head. Now this is the state which can trigger the working of the unconscious. When the thoughts are not resisted, nor they are given undue attention they fade out automatically.
Our conscious might be very resisting in the begining, so much that it tells us to abandon the idea of exercising MURAQBAH, But we are required to overcome this temptation and to carry on with our surprise even if it only appears to be sitting idly, doing nothing. Regularly in the exercise ensure the wonderful result of  MURAQBAH, it should be remembered, is the art of transcendental meditation that was taught only to most  able and darling disciples of the spiritualist and sagas. But now this divine art has been made available for every one.
By performing MURAQBAH we start learning he art of thinking. The art of thinking in a particulars manner. In its initial stages it gives us peace of mind, inner calm and tranquility. After entering the unseen realm and exploring that metaphysical something mysterious and enegmitic we start learning to make access to our  soul.
But, please, do not sit for MURAQBAH with expectations. Expectations of seeing something also is an expectation. Our mind cannot be liberated if we have some expectation. Because, when an expectation is there our mind would remain busy in that thought and the desired result will not be achieved. Therefore, when you sit for MURAQBAH exercise do not expect anything some before you, let your mind take  any course which it will ultimately come that point which is required,  i.e., and empty mindedness. If you really want to do something just revert back to the original idea. In he present case, the idea of an Ocean of Light. Also, please do not try to visualize the Ocean of Light. In that case your mind will remain busy in the act of forming pictures. Just think about an Ocean of Light and allow your mind to follow the natural course of thoughts. When it is started that you are required to concentrate, it only means that you have to think concentratively about the suggested idea. If other thoughts, relevant or not, come into your mind do not bother. When the think will become deeper and deeper the unconscious mind will automatically envision the Ocean of Light and will convey it to the conscious mind.
All those student of Telepathy, who have been granted permission to start the exercise of imagining an Ocean of Light in which the whole universe, including them, is submerged, are requested not to fight with their minds. Just sit at an appointed time, close your eyes and relax. Let the nature help you. Let your mind take any course which it wants. Just think about the idea given to you for practising MURAQBAH. You will see things in due course of time, don't rush. Don't expect. Don't resist your mind. Allow it to sink deep in the Ocean of Light. You will see the unseen realm when your mind will be ready to see it, so, just resolve to prepare your  mind.